New Items at the Church!


You may have noticed a few new items around the church lately. After approval at the February Council Meeting, the church purchased two TV’s with financial support from a number of members and committees. One is in the basement and the other is in the Upper Room being used by the Confirmation Class and Youth Group. These are SMART TV’s allowing the church to view web enabled content without the need of additional equipment. The Confirmation class has been using their TV to watch video clips related to their discussions. These TV’s are for everyone’s enjoyment.


The church also purchased a video projector with funds from outside grants we received over the last year. The projector is kept in the office and can be checked-out for use at the church. See the office if you would like to use the projector.


COFFEE-COFFEE-COFFEE, we now also have a new coffee maker, with thanks to the Church’s Endowment fund! Currently the maker is in the kitchen, but may be relocated in the future depending on the needs of those looking for a jolt of caffeine. The instructions are available in the kitchen or in the church office. If all goes well this coffee maker should last us for many years.


High Speed Internet. On March 3rd, the church’s internet access speeds will be bumped up from 5Mbs to 100Mbs. We will have open access for everyone. Look for signs around the church in March on how to set your device up to take advantage of this new free service for our members and the community.